About the XDF

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The Basics
* Australian-based Armed Assault III (ArmA) clan.
* Game nights twice a week, but constant social interaction every night on our Teamspeak.
* Based on real-world military organisation and tactics.
* No rank structure, everyone has equal opportunities.
* Originally founded to cater to ex-military players, now a balance of real-world soldiers and casual gamers alike.
* Primarily mil-sim that caters for all experience levels.
* Established in 2003.

Xtreme Defence Force (XDF) started back in 2003 using Operation Flashpoint, VBS and now ArmA III. Originally the squad was founded mainly by both current and ex-servicemen who wanted to culminate their real life experiences and play in a realistic fashion based on their military training. However we are now a rich diversity of current, previous and non-military individuals populating the squad. XDF was founded on the principles of a specific standard of game play competence and member character. Standardized training was implemented and is piecemeal to ensuring that everyone is at the same level of understanding. Other main aims included ensuring that there would be no permanent individuals in leadership positions in a rank structure (ie./ All would be equal and be able to have a fair say in how the XDF would be run). 

The role of the XDF is to operate as realistically as possible in the Armed Assault gaming environment. XDF is essentially a group of mates who enjoy getting online to play a certain level of milsim and enjoy each other's company. With no rank structure and a everybody-is-equal squad setup, we enjoy a diverse range of mission types and experiences for all our members. For example, one week may include a foot patrol in the highlands of Afghanistan, providing assistance to locals and rooting out insurgency, another week may see you para-dropped in to a full-blown war zone, having to utilize your navigation skills to meet up with your buddies and complete objectives. As with our equality structure, the option to select any role is open to you - if you're a leader, or just want to have a crack, putting you hand up to lead a squad or section is a possibility - the choice if yours.

Why Join?
Are you looking a group of mates who are dedicated to playing ArmA realistically using the fun and effective parts of military doctrine while skipping the boring military administration methods that most of us get enough of in real life and isn’t needed in a gaming squad?

Do you have previous or current military skills you want to pass on or do you have skills or interests in other areas such as administration, mission making, add-on making, multimedia or website design and you would like to put them to good use within your squad without restriction?

Then XDF is for you
You won’t get a rank, you won’t be calling anyone sir and you will never be told to take a back seat if you have something to contribute.  All the important administrative decisions are made by a group decision so no matter whom you are your voice will always be heard within XDF.  You will gain a great bunch of mates and have a great time playing the world’s best military simulation.  To apply for the XDF-R Section please post in this Forum.

* Must be 18 years or older.
* Must be willing to partake in a degree of military realism, ie following the section commanders orders in-game.
* Must have Teamspeak 3.
* Must have a microphone & ability to communicate, or intention to aquire.
* Must have Armed Assault III, and ability to acquire addons.
* Preferably an Australian resident but not mandatory.

If you are interested in joining the XDF, then you will need to register on the XDF forums, introduce yourself to us and arrange to play some missions on our ArmA III private server or any public server. Please use the following Teamspeak information to join our TS3 server.

TS3 address:
IP: xtremedefenceforce.enjinvoice.com

To join XDF you will need to pass Basic Training, an End of Exercise (End Ex) mission based test and be put on a trial period of 3 months.

Being a member of XDF, means you cannot be a member of another clan that plays ArmA/VBS. If you wish to be a member of another clan that does not play ArmA/VBS, then that is fine. If that clan then decides to take up ArmA/VBS, you must decide which clan you wish to be a part of. If you wish to play ArmA/VBS with another clan you may do so, BUT you must wear your XDF tags or no tags. You may not wear their tags when playing ArmA/VBS with them. 

How to obtain your XDF tags
Firstly you must post in the recruitment forum with an introductory thread. Then, jump on Teamspeak and introduce yourself! We will most likely be having a game of some sort that night, or within a few days, which we would invite you to partake in casually. If we are happy with the way you operate on the field and you can show you can contribute well, you will be accepted into the XDF recruit section (XDF-R). If you are accepted in to the XDF-R section you will be taken through some of our XDF Basic Infantry Courses.

The XDF Basic Infantry courses includes:
* Individual Patrolling
* Individual Fire and Movement
* Battle Pair Fire and Movement
* Patrol Formations
* Target Indications
* Contact Drills
* Break Contact Drills
* Basic Section Attack
* Obstacle Crossings
* Ambush

On successfully completing up to at least 3 Basic Infantry training courses (and a three-month period from your initial recruitment), your final assessment will be an End Exercise (End-Ex). You will be expect to attended further training course whilst in XDF. the End-Ex will put all the things you have learnt in training, into a live fire practice. This will consist of a Co-op mission, whereby you work along side the Infantry sections to achieve your objectives. At the end of the mission you will be awarded your official XDF tags.

XDF Recruit
XDF Recruit Patch

Once you have been in the XDF Recruit section for 3 months, a members vote will be taken as to whether you have fitted in well with XDF. If you are accepted via voting process, you will be awarded your full XDF member patch.

XDF Member
XDF Member Patch

How to stay in XDF
First of all you need to get along with everyone, if you are constantly having personal clashes with other members you maybe asked to leave. Be respectful to all other members in and out of game, and to the public who visit our forums and servers. Observe the forum rules of conduct. You will be required to show a reasonable level of commitment to the group so if, due to real life commitments, you are unable to show that commitment we ask only that you let us know you will be away for approx X amount of time. If you do not inform us, and you have been absent without leave, as it were, for a 2 month period then you will have all access revoked and be removed from XDF. If you wish to be reinstated after that time you will have to go through the complete joining process again.

Week to Week life in XDF
During the week certain nights will have scheduled training nights, where all teams hone their skills. At the moment these nights are Monday and Thursdays at 8:00PM.

Refer to this link for all information needed to play with us.