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[XDF] Sl3dge A posted Aug 17, 17

Welcome to the Xtreme Defence Force Website

Xtreme Defence Force (XDF) was founded in 2003 and is a squad of enthusiastic Australian Armed Assault players. Originally the squad used Operation Flashpoint and was founded mainly by both current and ex-servicemen who wanted to culminate their real life experiences in a realistic fashion based on their military training. However we are now a rich diversity of current, previous and non-military individuals. XDF was founded on the principles of a specific standard of game play competence and member character. Standardized training was implemented and is piecemeal to ensuring that everyone is at the same level of understanding. Other main aims included ensuring that there would be no permanent individuals in leadership positions in a rank structure (ie./ All would be equal and be able to have a fair say in how the XDF would be run).

We also have an XDF youtube channel in "Quick Links", which showcase any missions we have done to date (most gaming nights are recorded).

Please feel free to peruse the public forums and if XDF sounds like something you would like to get involved with, then please submit a post in the Public - Recruitment Forum.  One you have posted here an admin will welcome you, then you can submit an application to join.