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The Basics
* Australian-based ArmA III clan.
* Game nights twice a week, but constant social interaction every night on our Teamspeak.
* Based on real-world military organisation and tactics.
* No rank structure, everyone has equal opportunities.
* Originally founded to cater to ex-military players, now a balance of real-world soldiers and casual gamers alike.
* Balance of MILSIM and fun, casual gameplay.
* Established in 2004 and still going strong.
* Member of 'The Battlegroup' with Combat Team Bravo and Australian Armed Forces.
Xtreme Defence Force (XDF), started back in 2003, is a squad of enthusiastic Australian ArmA III players. Originally the squad was founded mainly by both current and ex-servicemen who wanted to culminate their real life experiences and play in a realistic fashion based on their military training, however now a rich diversity of current, previous and non-military individuals populate the squad. XDF was founded on the principles of a specific standard of game play competence and member character. Standardized training was implemented and is piecemeal to ensuring that everyone is at the same level of understanding. Other main aims included ensuring that there would be no permanent individuals in leadership positions in a rank structure (ie. All would be equal and be able to have a fair say in how the XDF would be run). 
The role of the XDF is to operate as realistically as possible in the Armed Assault gaming environment. XDF is essentially a group of mates who enjoy getting online to play a certain level of MILSIM and enjoy each other's company. With no rank structure and a everybody-is-equal squad setup, we enjoy a diverse range of mission types and experiences for all our members. For example, one week may include a foot patrol in the highlands of Afghanistan, providing assistance to locals and rooting out insurgency, another week may see you para-dropped in to a full-blown war zone, having to utilize your navigation skills to meet up with your buddies and complete objectives. As with our equality structure, the option to select any role is open to you - if you're a leader, or just want to have a crack, putting you hand up to lead a squad or section is a possibility - the choice if yours.
In April 2005 the ArmA server and forums were raised. Both the forums and server were originally hosted by XGN (Xtreme Gaming Network), and thanks to their support, the decision was made to name the squad 'XDF'. XDF would not be what it is today without the help of XGN and we thank them greatly for all of their support throughout the squads history. The server was a stock standard Operation Flashpoint server with a collection of the greatest public made missions supplied by the OFP community. Come November 2005, the first XDF Sections were raised. 
The year is now 2015 and XDF is still going strong. A close-knit group of enthusiastic ArmA players, we convene every Monday & Thursday night for a game, however many of us are found on the AUS ArmA TS any night of the week.
How can I join?
Just click the recruitment tab at the top of the screen, and then visit our forums and post a recruitment application. We hope to see you on the battlefield!
What are the Do's and Dont's of XDF?
Read the XDF ORBAT here.